Have you lost your Bitcoin Wallet but you have the Hard disk that contains it? Bitcoin Lost Wallet Recovery Service is for you!

  • Is your hard drive that contaned your wallet.dat formatted?
  • Have you installed a new operating system?
  • Do you possess the hard disk that once contained the wallet.dat bitcoin wallet but you cannot find it?

Hopefully we can help you.

We have successfully recovered bitcoin wallets that existed on hard drives long ago and users accidentally deleted them or lost them. The wallet.dat is a file that contains your private keys for your bitcoin wallet. Due to the fact that it is a small file, normally about 100kb, sometimes we can search your hard drive and the lost bitcoin wallet is still there. Our engineers will help you recover it and transfer your fund to another new wallet that you have.

Is bitcoin wallet recovery impossible?

No. The chances that we can recover you lost bitcoin wallet are usually low. Especially if you have overwritten the data on your hard disk. But still there are chances and we have done it.

We successfully recover about 15% of the cases we receive in our laboratory. Therefore your expectation should be low. But there is still a chance, so don’t give up, because we may make you happier and richer than before. The price of bitcoin has risen and you can now make use of your lost bitcoins.

We may be able to recover your bitcoin wallet password. If you don’t remember your password, and it was long, then it is unlikely that we can help you. Mention that noone can crack the encryption in the Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet if the password is more than 15 random characters.

Possible Recovery of bitcoin wallet password!

In order to help you out you must help us out by providing some tips about your bitcoin wallet password.

For example:

  • If you think that the password was “BitCoin", but you are not sure about the capitalization or suffix number you put, probably we can be of help
  • If you were sure that you wrote down the password My!!paSs when you select it, but it doesn’t unlock the wallet, we can probably help
  • If you remember the word but not the correct order, maybe we can help

Wallets we are able to recover with Bitcoin Lost Wallet Recovery Service

We can recover Bitcoin wallet, Litecoin wallet, Ethereum Wallet and lots of the other wallets. (for example Dogecoin, Peercoin,Vertcoin etc). 

Why you should trust your bitcoin wallet recovery to us?

Why you should you trust us with your bitcoin wallet?

TicTac Data Recovery is a reputable Data Recovery company operating from 1999 and has been in business since. We won’t risk our brand name and we are paid pretty well for our recovery services. We want your success story to be able to attract more customers.

What is the price for bitcoin wallet recovery and/or password cracking?

We would like to recover and decrypt your wallet so that you can be happy and pay us for our services. We really like what we do and we believe it’s fun, too.

Our payment is usually 23% of the bitcoin wallet amount we recovered or cracked. The amount is paid ONLY if we succeed recovering your wallet. We will synchronize your wallet to the blockchain and keep our share for our work.

How you can send us your hard disk so that we can start working on your bitcoin wallet recovery?

For Bitcoin Lost Wallet Recovery Service take into account imporant information: Prior to sending you hard drive to us, please make sure you keep a sector by sector image of you hard drive. This is important so you can have a backup of everything inside in case something happens during the transportation. Please contact info @ tictac.gr with subject “Bitcoin Wallet Recovery” and describe with a few word what you need to be recovered and an estimation on when you created your wallet.

Our Address is:

Tictac Data Recovery
Tichis 2, Elliniko, 16777
Greece / Europe

Contact number: +30 21 1234 4504