Data Recovery Parts Supplier in Europe, Greece

We have very large database Donor Drives for Data Recovery. Hard Drives are available in stock in our laboratory in Greece, Europe, for your Data Recovery needs and we provide very competitive pricing.

Furthermore we provide discounts for big orders of drives. TicTac Data Recovery has over 10.000 hard disks for data recovery, over 15.000 PCBs and we cooperate with companies around the world providing quality of service and communication.

The drives do not have listed price but you can tell us your offer and we will try to beat it. Before we ship every drive it’s beeing tested in PC-3000 and is wiped of any data. Due to the fact that we also perform data recovery in our Data Recovery department, all the drives are checked before shipped to you. We can send the drives all around the world and the shipping costs are paid by the client.

All our drives are guaranteed to be functional except if stated otherwise.

The cost of each disks depends on how rare it is, our availability and how other sites value the specific drive. So you can see prices ranging from 40euro to 200euro per drive, plus the shipping cost.

Hard drive firmware database for PC-3000, DFL or Salvationdata equipment

We have over 20.000 Donor Drives for Data Recovery and firmware dumps of all kinds of hard disks. Just ask us and we have a big chance of finding the firmware dump you need. Firmware dumps can be sent to you via Dropbox, Google Drive or Wetransfer in a zipped format.

We can export firmware to all popular formats such as PC-3000, DFL format or SalvationData.

Available Donor Drives for Data Recovery in Stock (Europe, Greece)

Every day we receive more than 20 new drives so our database constantly changing. Right now we are in the process of documenting all our stock and various important details such as: Model, DCM, Firmware version, MLC and date. Following you can see a list of available drives that have been already examined for their functionality but you can always ask us for a specific model you are searching for. Check our available stock of Donor Drives and Donor PCBs

Questions about Donor Drives, Donor PCB or Donor Hard disk Firmware

If you have any questions or you need to find out if we have a specific model, don’t hesitate to contact us in +30 21 1234 4504 or send us an email at or you can contact us via Skype: mike.mingos