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Resellers & Partners

The TicTac Labs partners / resellers program is aimed at shops trading computers, computer repair workshops as well as a computer technician working independently.

There are two ways of working with TicTac Labs. Through recommendation or direct assignment from you.

In the first case you simply recommend the TicTac company while in the second you assume full communication with the client, since he has authorized you for it. In each case there are profits for your business or yourself. Just tell us about the availability of cooperation and a representative will contact you.

Why become a partner / reseller of  TicTac Labs services for Data Recovery ?

  • TicTac Labs started to recover data from 2001
  • Your client has to do with a reputable company operating for over 10 years
  • You provide solutions to your customers who are desperate
  • We provide tiered discount / commission of 10% – 20% on successful recoveries made
  • We keep strict confidentiality, your customer remains your customer forever as long as you wish

A partner in every region of Greece

The aim of TicTac Labs is to create exclusive partners by the end of 2012 for each region of Greece. It is important that the exclusive partner for data recovery to be located in a central point of each region and have sent the company at least 2 cases.

Why not try yourself?

There are many technicians or companies that would consider taking up to carry out data recovery on their own. But when you consider the advantages you will see that is for your favor to work with the first and largest Greek data recovery company.

  • If not trained properly then there is likely to cause more damage to a hard disk. This results your customer to lose forever its data, but also you do not have any income and you have spent some time.
  • Data recovery requires considerable expertise, ongoing seminars for new models of disks as well as very expensive equipment. To make depreciation all that is needed is to get either very high prices to the consumer or very large clientele.TicTac Laboratories has the second, being the first data recovery company in Greece and doing this job since 2001.
  • It is better to have high success rates by becoming dealer of  the largest Data Recovery in Greece and having a given supply, from wasting time, money and customers who would bring income.
  • Most cases described as irrecoverable in our company, are cases that attempted to be repaired by a technician or computer store. When a tray is opened is only 20-30% likely to be recoverable. Why lose the supply you could get if you had sent us these cases?

So, do you still prefer to try to find out how to recover data on your own and put at risk customer’s data or  would you think about your income?