• Is there evidence that corporate information of your company is leaking out?
  • Do you suspect that an employee transfers your confidential corporate data?
  • Do you have evidence that your partner hides important data from you?

Our company can help you prove the above activities or for personal use or for use in litigation. Tic Tac Laboratories through our technicians, can provide effective services to the electronic research of corporate offenses and breaches in small and large businesses.

If you realize that you need immediate investigation as to whether a computer or mobile phone contains sensitive personal data, then it means that: probably you feel that there should be an extensive electronic research of employees in case that your employees are suspected to transfer corporate data to competitors or you believe you are a victim of some hacker or even cases of theft of intellectual property.

In all these cases and in even more, such as:

  1. Monitoring of corporate assets
  2. Breaches of personal data of customers and corporate partnerships
  3. Misuse of the Internet and installation of malicious software
  4. Falsification of files
  5. Workers sabotage and information leakage
  6. Sexual harassment by any form of electronic communication
  7. Monitoring employee activity
  8. Software piracy etc.

You need the safety of of your files and Tic Tac Laboratories has specialized engineers: to search, filter and integrate the evidence to the appropriate digital analysis to be able to accurately certify the “HOW, WHERE, WHEN AND BY WHOM? “by acting with precise dates in order to stay satisfied.

This research and filtering regards any form of storage medium and computer systems and usually takes place in e-mail, hidden files and generally to computer files.

The cost for such a process starts from 500 € + VAT and depends on several factors. Contact us by describing your case for more information.