• Do you need cooperation of physical and electronic surveillance?
  • Analysis must be made of a mobile telephone or a computer to find information?
  • You suspect that the thorough investigation of records from an electronic means will help you in your research?

In many cases of surveillance and when the computer is a basic tool of everyday life both as individuals and professionals, the goal of e-forensics is to identify data suppressed, erased files and messages, that are potentially incriminating or exculpatory evidence.

For Research in computer files we provide the following services:

  • Analysis of history
  • Finding specific evidence
  • Investigation of activity on the internet (msn, skype etc)
  • Restore erased files

For Research on cell phone records we provide the following services:

  • Find deleted SMS
  • Call history analysis
  • Find contacts
  • Find deleted files
  • Find hidden pictures and video
  • Data Recovery from mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile etc)

There is an urgent need for electronic surveillance, particularly in cases of disappeared persons, which is frequent. Many crimes and offenses have been traced by means of encryption or data recovery. Documents in physical form, can be combined with data extracted from computer forensic systems and lead to resolve a complicated case.

It is now a reality that the “electronic document” has taken the place of conventional document forming the core of the “information society and a key feature of electronic business (e-commerce), electronic communication and electronic commerce (e-commerce).

Therefore, this development is closely connected with what is happening in the area of crime, when changing the basic ingredients of this. Specifically, electronic crime, is committed with new and inventive ways by using high technology and especially the Internet, which reflects the social pathologies and assists in creating new forms of crime.

Therefore, since the commission of a digital crime requires excellent and  specialized knowledge because:

  1. Is committed in long-distance
  2. The identification of criminals is complicated
  3. Is yielding big profits with little risk of discovery of the offender

Then, cooperation of traditional monitoring methods, such as private detective with “digital detective” is necessary, that is with the help of Electronic Criminology.

The cost for such a process starts from 500 € + VAT and depends on several factors. Contact us by describing your case for more information.