• Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you?
  • Worried about the activities of your children on the internet or their telephone conversations?
  • Do you have litigation in family and inheritance issues?

When you have a dispute that is going to take the path of justice, please contact Tic Tac Laboratories to pump data from any computer or mobile phone, as evidence of your divorce, research on mobile phone to identify extinct calls and Deleted messages hidden documents and images switched off.

 Our company works in close cooperation with you, under the forthcoming legislation on protection of personal data and respecting the obligation to protect individual rights and only if you have the legal right to access to computer and electronic means of others that have “raised” you  in some way or have something to hide from you. So :

  • Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you?
  • Are you recently divorced and you receive threats and feel observed by your former husband / spouse?
  • Do you think we can help in identifying evidence through research on cell phone e-mails, photos, sms and calls that have ‘disappeared
  • Do you accept electronic attack and you feel that you are constantly under surveillance
  • Did you notice financial transactions for which you never gave your command
  • Your passwords have been violated and you found out that your money from your bank account have vanished
  • Are you concerned about your child and think that makes misuse of the Internet, browsing web pages prohibitive for the age of content
  • Do you suspect that pornographic sites are often visited by a member of your family and want to cancel this feature
  • You are coheir, but have doubts about the integrity of the will and wish to check the online records of the deceased

Contact directly to Tic Tac Laboratories, to give you immediate professional solution, drawing files and data such as documents, messages, photos, and Deleted discussions of all forms of electronic communication by phone, hard drive, laptop or usb flash that you deliver for examination.

You can request the immediate assistance of our technicians either as service at home or by handing them the  hard drive or mobile phone for example. from which you think you can be get evidence to present to the appropriate courtroom.

The cost for such a process starts from 250 € + VAT and depends on several factors. Contact us by describing your case for more information.