• I have lost my  Windows password !
  • I  don’t remember Excel password !
  • I forgot my password from my Outlook Account !

Tic Tac Data Recovery Labs specializes in “breaking passwords to any customers who have lost their password and have no access to their data. The procedure is performed with advanced techniques even when the data are in good condition or the encoding is very complicated.

We can break passwords for the following applications:

  •     All operating systems
  •     Word files
  •     Excel files
  •     Access files
  •     Outlook files
  •     Arj, zip, and winzip files
  •     Palm pilot files
  •     ICQ
  •     E-mail applications (e-mail), encoding and decoding programs, also  Backup programs.
  •     Rar password recovery

Not all cases of password cracking are feasible. You will have to explain to us the case, in order to provide you an estimation for time and cost.