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Many people today confuse the term IT Support with Cyber Security. Having an IT system or technical support does not mean that our infrastructure is set up securely. The IT Administrator sets up the systems, and the Cyber Security Expert ensures that they are set up securely.

If your goal is to protect yourself from cyber attacks and you are a representative of an organization, business, or an individual, you are in the right place.

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There are two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and know it and those that don’t know it yet.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a process through which we learn, recognize, and prevent digital threats… that is, malicious users or otherwise known as hackers.

Cyber threats or cyber attacks are actions carried out by third parties with the aim of gaining access to resources for which they do not have the appropriate rights, destroying sensitive and important information, ultimately extracting money from users, or disrupting the workflow of an organization. Indicatively, we mention the most common threats:

  1. Computer viruses, Ransomware, and Malware
  2. Breaches of electronic systems by malicious users (Hackers)
  3. Identity theft (ranging from taxisnet to Social Media)
  4. Electronic fraud at the organizational or individual level, etc.

Cyber ​​Security more current and necessary than ever!

People, businesses, and organizations are constantly seeking the most effective ways to protect themselves from malicious actions intended to harm them. How do they achieve this?

Certainly not on their own… Leave the job of cyber security to the Tictac Cyber Security team. Just follow our system.

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Managed Cyber Security (MSSP)

As technologies evolve, so do cyber attacks.

Unfortunately, monitoring cyber security requires specialized knowledge, tools, and processes… it cannot be done simply by the people who take care of our IT systems.

We ensure you are always one step ahead with the most comprehensive Managed Cyber Security services or Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)!


Ransomware incident response

Ransomware viruses encrypt your computer files (they lock them) and demand a ransom for their restoration. Do not pay!

At TicTac, we have successfully handled hundreds of Ransomware incidents and now undertake comprehensive incident management. From coordinating the management and technical department, data recovery, potential ransom negotiations, incident investigation, to protecting you after the event.

Our goal is to reduce the time and cost of business interruption by approximately 80%, as well as to secure your infrastructure against future Cyber Security attacks.

System Hacked

Penetration Testing – Network, website or eshop vulnerability testing

Penetration Testing is vital for every corporate environment or organization as it optimizes the security of infrastructures (e.g., internal network, Website, Servers, Backups, shared resources, etc.) to protect them from potential external attacks.

However, many IT engineers unfortunately lack the necessary expertise to identify all vulnerabilities.

At Tic Tac, we employ specialized IT engineers who are experts in security gaps (Cyber Security Experts).

Our goal is to show you how easily a hacker can penetrate your infrastructure and what damage they could do… before they actually do.

Penetration Testing
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The field of Cyber Security involves three important factors:

01 People / Users

Users need to understand and follow basic security principles such as proper password management, being cautious with attachments, recognizing dangerous-looking websites, frequently backing up data, and generally being informed to identify threats.

No matter what tools are used, if the end user does not have the knowledge to oversee the processes and tools or cannot recognize cyber threats, they are the weak link in the chain of cyber security.

02 Processes

Organizations must have studied and implemented a framework on how users should handle successful or unsuccessful cyber attack attempts.

Processes also exist at an individual level, such as proper password management, secure destruction of sensitive data, actions to secure personal data, and several other topics that need to be studied.

Even the training of the users or members of an organization falls under the processes of Cyber Security.

03 Technology / Tools / Software

Technology is essential to provide organizations and individuals with the tools needed to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

The main entities that need to be protected through technological tools are: Endpoints (terminals), Smart devices and Routers, the network as a whole, and the Cloud.

Advanced tools are required, such as Firewalls, DNS Content filters, Malware protection, Antivirus, Cloud Backup, Bare Metal Backup & Disaster Recovery, UTM (Unified Threat Management), and email security solutions.

What is the purpose of Cyber Security?

The purpose of a proper Cyber Security strategy is to ensure the following for our data:

01 Confidentiality

We need to think of ways to make sure that the records we want to keep private or confidential are not in the possession of a third party who does not have the proper authorization to be in our records.

For example, our personal photos or an organization’s financial data should be appropriately protected with the necessary permissions to prevent them from falling into the hands of a malicious third party.

If our personal passwords are leaked, it becomes a serious issue, as someone could gain access to our email, bank, or financial information.

02 Integrity

Our data (e.g., files, financial records, photos, etc.) should remain in the condition we left them and not be altered by a third party.

They should also not deteriorate over time, for example, due to a hard drive failure, causing the files to become corrupted.

There should be appropriate tools to ensure that no third party can access and modify our files.

03 Availability

The data we store should be accessible, meaning we should be able to access it.

We need to think of ways to ensure that if a hard drive fails, we have a Backup.

If our files are stored on a Cloud Backup service, we must ensure that we always have available Internet access to access our data remotely.

Who does Cyber Security concern?

Cyber Security concerns everyone, from individuals to large businesses. Below are some examples to make it clearer.

  • A large organization that, despite having a complete technical department and security systems, ultimately fails to protect itself from a Ransomware attack and ends up paying tens of thousands of euros to restore its locked files.
  • A company where the Backup did not function because there were no proper warning systems or control procedures, ends up paying several thousand euros to recover data in a complex RAID system.
  • A small business that cannot pay the ransom from a Ransomware attack and ends up closing because it cannot cope, having lost its customer files.
  • An individual who chatted on Facebook and became a victim of financial extortion.
  • A child who visited malicious websites and was exposed to content that erased the work from their computer.

It is evident that Cyber Security is an issue that concerns us all!

What does TicTac offer in the field of Cyber Security?

Tictac Data Recovery has handled many incidents related to system breaches.

Thus, it has developed a series of procedures that, in collaboration with appropriate technological tools, achieve a high level of protection for both organizations & companies and individuals.

We undertake two significant pillars in your organization:

  • Ensuring that you have a Backup of the critical resources of your network and testing that the Restore works whenever needed
  • Preventing any third party from entering your infrastructure to steal data or cause damage.

Are you looking for the following Cyber Security services at an individual level?

  • IT Security
  • Electronic Data Security
  • Network Technician
  • Being monitored
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Someone monitoring Facebook
  • Someone monitoring Instagram
  • Cyber security technician
  • Personal cyber security
  • Cyber Security for individuals
  • Cyber Security specialist

At Tictac, we undertake to check and protect the Cyber Security level of any individual who believes their privacy has been violated.

One of our engineers will thoroughly check your computers and mobile devices for any breaches, review passwords and social media for third-party access, and simultaneously enhance your security level.