• I have a problem with my hard drive !
  • My hard disk doesn’t work  !
  • The hard drive is not recognized by BIOS !
  • I can hear a sound like “tic tac “coming from my disk !
  • My hard disk isn’t getting power !
  • I’ve lost important data from my disk and I don’t have a εν έχω backup

If  you have a problem with your system hard driveand you have no backup of your files, do not despair. Data Recovery Labs can make recovery of your data storage medium that has a mechanical problem or any problem in the circuit board (PCB).

If you want to find out in which Damage category you are, then check the description of symptoms of the various categories and match any of the symptoms that you are facing :

Damage Category   Description of Symptoms

Deleted files from disk - Destroyed partitions

Logical Data Recovery


A. Fully functional disk with lost files

Logical Data Recovery is the process were we can recover lost  files from a fully functional disk. You can find below some of the common problems of this category :

  • Lost partition – Problem when partitioning the disk
  • Damaged partition – Partition which is not recognized or deleted
  • File deletion by mistake
  • File problem by virus / spyware
  • Deleted email 
  • Lost email (fromOutlook, Outlook express, Thunderbird etc) – Problem with .pst file
  • Database problem – Cannot open sql or mdb file
  • Write files over other
  • Deleted documents

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σκληρός δίσκος με πρόβλημα firmware - seagate 7200.11

Firmware Data Recovery


B. Problem within the program (firmware) of your hard disk

  • The drive sounds like it spins but I have no access to data
  • The hard drive suddenly disappeared from my system
  • My hard drive appears as 0GB
  • The drive shows a message that it needs format
  • The disk can not start, it sounds like tic tac – Click of Death

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Σκληός Δίσκος με πρόβλημα στην πλακέτα (pcb)

PCB Repair Recovery


C. Problem on hard disk board

Problems relating to the electronic circuit of the disk:

  • There is a clearly burnt chip
  • The board of the disk smells burnt
  • Overheating of  the electronic circuit board of the hard disk
  • The drive does not spin to start
  • The drive does not get power

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Σκληρός δίσκος με πρόβλημα κεφαλής ή Mοτέρ

Physical Data Recovery


D. Mechanical problem

Problems in the mechanical parts of the hard disk which are usually presented with the following symptoms on your hard disk:

  • Noise is heard from the disk
  • The disk can not start, it sounds like tic tac – Click of Death
  • Problem with the drive heads
  • A strong sound comes from the disk
  • The disk fell down and stopped be recognized by the operating system
  • The disk fell while working

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