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Indicative Data Recovery Prices

Data Recovery Cost

The prices below are indicative for data recovery, so that our customers know an estimated cost of data recovery and not just the final price, as is determined after the diagnosis of the media.

If you do not understand the technical terms contact us to give you by phone a price estimated.

Anaktisi Dedomenon Apo Plimmyra Kai Nero Se Sklirous Diskous Kai Servers

Diagnostic Cost

The diagnostic cost regards the edition of a technical report for the status of the storage medium within the agreed timeline.During diagnosis an integrated control is carried in storage medium, which examines in detail the electronic and mechanical parts. Along with the diagnosis, the customer receives electronically a written offer of the company for the recovery of the data from the disk. The offer includes detailed parts and labor for the customer to take (if desired) the supply of spare parts on his own initiative.

Normal Priority DiagnosisDiagnosis within 2-3 business days60€
Express Priority DiagnosisDiagnosis within 24 hours300€


  • The diagnostic tests won’t start unless the diagnostic cost is paid.
  • The cost of diagnostic is not returned to the client.

Data Recovery from Hard Drive

Data recovery from damaged disk usually costs  from 200 € to 800 €. Each case is unique and an extensive diagnosis should take place in our laboratory to give you a final offer depending on the problem.

Below you can find an analysis of damage we usually face (which is addressed in the technical area) and estimated price according to each specific problem. If you do not know technical terms do not hesitate to contact us.

Deleted Data Recovery from functional hard disk / usb / memory cardData Recovery  from functional disk resulting from deleting files by virus, from the destruction of a  partition or format. In special cases such as data recovery from Linux, Unix, MacOS and other non- FAT / Windows systems, may be charged in addition.50-150€
Problem in the  power supply of the  disk (PCB Failure)Retrieving data from non-functional hard drive inaudible to work at all. If there is intervention from the user on the board, then the price shall be burdened.250-600€
Problem in the operation of the disk (Firmware Problem)Retrieving data from non-functional drive that  sounds fine but  we have no access to data.350-600€
Hard disk with multiple points damaged (bad sectors) and non-accessible filesData Recovery from partially functional disk showing unstable behavior and does not have access to all files.450-700€ + spare parts
Hard drive sound like tickingData Recovery from damaged hard disk where you hear a strange sound (usually indicates a problem of heads)…500-800€ + spare parts
Hard disk is powered but not spinningDamaged disk, which sounds like getting power but can not start spinning while trying.650-900€ + spare parts

Retrieving Data from electronic devices (USB Flash, Memory Cards, SSD Disks)

Data Recovery from damaged USB or memory card with problem in the electronic circuitRemoval and decryption of the chip storage (NAND chips)150-800€
Retrieving data from non-functional SSD DiskRemoval and decryption of the chip storage (NAND chips)500-3000€ + spare parts
Data Recovery from damaged CD / DVDChemical surface treatment of CD / DVD and export of data50-200€ for every CD / DVD
Data recovery from RAID system / arrayHardware restore for each drive & rebuild of the RAID array500-3000€ + spare parts


Information Investigation Services & Electronic Evidence

Investigation of data in functional mobile phone or smartphoneAnalysis of calls, SMS, contacts, photos and other data and detailed report delivery .200€
Investigation of electronic evidence in computer filesAnalysis of data & content using Personal Folders to draw conclusions400€
Delivery of special form suitable for documented legal battleDetailed investigation and analysis of data on a computer, smartphone or any device and export of solid findings for presentation in court1500€

Clarifications on the list :

  • The above prices do not include VAT.
  • The above prices are indicative and do not represent a commitment of the company. Commitment is the offer the customer receives after the examination of  the media.
  • The cost of diagnosis in the first table is not returned to the client.
  • Prices do not include the cost of spare parts when needed.
  • There is a charge imposed in case of intervention of the user on the disk with any invasive way (change pcb, open etc).
  • Prices burdened considerably in case of express recovery and accordingly affected the timeframe for delivery.

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