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Did you accidentally delete your files?

Deleted Files Recovery

Many times we may send some files to the recycle bin and without thinking we empty it, losing everything we had inside.

Other times, we may proceed to permanently delete some files and after a few days remember that we do not have a backup copy of the folders we deleted.

Don’t worry!
Recovering deleted files from recycle bin is possible!

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  • Recovery of deleted files
  • I accidentaly deleted files from my hard disk !
  • I copied files over other files that I need  !
  • I erased all my documents by mistake !
  • I have a virus and I cannot see my files !
  • I did a format in my disk and lost all my files !
  • I reinstalled Windows and forgot to backup my files !
  • I accidentaly erased files from my  phone and I don’t have a backup !

We face cases like these daily. Every day we use more and more storage devices. This increases the likelihood of human errors, as well as the potential risks of viruses or Spyware.

Accidental deletion of files

Many times we delete files by mistake, and then, we empty the recycle bin. As a result we lose valuable files. Othertimes, days after we have deleted files we remember that we don’t have a backup of the deleted files.

The more time that has passed since the deletion, the harder it is to recover your files. The more your operating system “writes” new data to your disk or usb stick, the less likely it is to find what you want.

The reason is that when writing a file to your hard disk, apart from the real part of the disk that is occupied to write the file contents, an entry is made in the master file table of the disk (MFT). When deleting a file, it deletes the entry from the directory (MFT) and not the actual data from the disk. The  place where the data are located, is checked by  the operating system. But this is something random. The next file to be written to disk, can occupy those sectors of the disk which have just been released for future record.

So if you have erased your files and you cannot find them, TicTac Laboratories can help you. Do not use your disk any more and contact directly with our technicians.

I accidentally formatted my disk and lost all my files

Another frequent situation that has generally high rates of success if we get the disk directly is when the user has accidentally formatted his disk or a partition of the disk that contains very  important data. It is very important in such cases to get the disk as soon as possible in our laboratories.The more you use the disk, the less likely it is to get the data you need. Contact directly with our technicians to advise you in case you accidentally formatted your hard disk, memory card (SD, MicroSD), the USB stick or mobile phone.

I have a virus on my system and I no longer have access to my files

Nowadays most virus and spyware don’t destroy your data. This means that it can affect a system, make it unable to boot, but your data are intact. Even in cases where files have been affected by a virus (and this applies particularly to Office files – word, excel, access etc) the virus can usually be successfully removed without losing the file.

So if your system can not boot and you can not access your files, you can call us to give you the best solution depending on the criticality of your data.

There are forums and free programs with instructions. Why should I go to a data recovery company?

All there cases described above refer to Logical Data Recovery. This procedure is usually done by software means, and the storage device is cloned  by hardware means  that makes Sector by Sector Copy of the storage device and prevents recordings. Afterwards, we have logical data recovery made ​​of the image of the disk and not by the whole disk of the client.

There are too many programs on the internet and even for free, which make logical data recovery. Also, there are many topics at forum in which users discuss data recovery. In TicTac Data Recovery Laboratories the logical data recovery process has a specific protocol that ensures that our clients will get the maximum possible rate of files, a process that is not listed on any forum and is not achieved with software that is widely popular and feasible to pay the end user.

This means that if you try to apply different tactics that you find in the internet, you  may not be able to get all the files from your disk. In fact, the omission of some important steps  may lead to permanent loss of files that could be recovered if you had turned to specialists.

Many individuals who don’t care much for the files they have lost, may attempt to recover some data with free software. But if your data is critical for your company or yourself, you wouldn’t want to risk it and get fewer files than you would recover if you had sent your storage media to professionals.

Restore Data from the following operating systems

Our company can recover data apparently from all operating systems. Below you can see a list of usual incidents we are facing:

  • Microsoft Windows® : 3.x
  • Windows Vista
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • Sun
  • SCO
  • SGI
  • NetWare
  • DOS
  • Apple Mac
  • OS/2
  • Solaris
  • HPUX
  • AIX

So if your data is critical for you, it would be not be wise to experiment with internet tips & tricks. You might save a few euros but it certainly would be very hard to find out later that you adversely affected the percentage of recovered files. Stop using your storage device and contact us.

I’ve lost my files. What should I do?

Exasa Ta Arxeia Mou

The Alpha and the Omega of data retrieval on any device lies in the hands of technical know-how and the methodology used by the technical company-technician.

It’s common for owners of problematic storage devices to attempt fixing the issue themselves, or addressing the matter to people with no experience, resulting in further damage and lessening the chances of data restoration.

Therefore, when critical files are lost, it’s crucial that whoever interferes be chosen carefully.

Trust your files with people who have proven experience!
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