Do you want to get rid of:

  • A damaged hard disk?
  • Laptop, that cannot be repaired?
  • Obsolete computer or other electronic device?

Tic Tac Laboratories allows you to recycle your old or damaged hard disk or usb, by acquiring both environmentally conscious and taking money for the materials you recycle depending on their condition.

We Buy: Hard drives, USB Sticks and memory cards in any situation

  • TicTac Laboratories pay  from 1,5 € – 15 € for each storage medium that you recycle.
  • Your old storage medium, is converted into components for reuse while the parts that contain data (platters and trays, nand chips from USB / memory cards) are destroyed.
  • If you have a computer store, contact us to see what we can buy from your  stock.
  • If your hard disk is of new technology (over 80GB), we do not mind even if it is damaged.

What affects the price of your drive?

Each disk consists of some critical components that have nothing to do with the data and these are:

  • The PCB
  • The heads
  • PCB and components from usb stick

Our offer is given depending on the condition of these components .

What is the procedure?

  1. You can bring your hard disk to our head office, or if it is over 5 discs, you can request to send you free courier to collect them.
  2. You must have a paper in which you’ll have to write your to appear in your personal information and an account number to make the deposit.
  3. Once the disk is evaluated (usually 3 days) we will call you to give our offer and we will deposit into your account the corresponding amount.
  4. If you do not agree with our offer you can pick up your disks from our head office.

Why do we recycle hard disks?

Επίσημη εταιρία ανακύκλωσης και Refursbish της MicrosoftThe company guarantees that what you do not need today, will not be a threat to human health and safety in the future.

Although for many years, developed countries exported inexpensively their electronic waste to countries with lower environmental standards, several countries have adopted legislation to recycle computers and electronic devices.

Due to the rapid technological advancement in the field of computer systems, there is a large surplus of old computers and other electronic devices and as a result many tons of electronic waste, that most of the times are placed in landfills and incinerators and not recycled.

This can be fatal in the future for humans, as toxic substances, radioactive isotopes, dioxin, silica, iron, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), cadmium, chromium, mercury and a wide variety of plastics in the unrecycled materials a computer, pollute the atmosphere, soil and groundwater.

Did you know that a typical computer monitor contains 6% lead or that circuit boards contain significant quantities of lead and tin?

Therefore, the need for recycling your old electronic devices is imperative and can include the complete recycling of your hard disk or the reuse of useful materials and recycling the damaged. It’s an easy way:

  • To avoid further contamination of the environment
  • To create new low cost computers from the salvaged parts, which can be promoted to poor people or developing countries.
  • Prove useful materials such as copper or gold, gained from the destruction of electronic equipment.

Tic Tac Laboratories undertakes recycling of your hard disk or computer, acting reliably and giving you the outset to handle the destruction of your data, ie the company that undertakes the recycling, and where the reusable components of your hardware will end up to.

If your hardware is not withdrawn, but recycled, the steps followed are:

  1. Secure transmission and receipt of materials for recycling.
  2. Assurance that there is no leakage of your data in the life cycle of the rescued items of your hardware.
  3. Degradation of the equipment in parts that compose it.
  4. Taking apart the hard disk.
  5. Separation of materials eg in metal and plastic. Each category of material is recycled accordingly..