• The hard drive suddenly disappeared from my system
  • The hard drive shows 0GB capacity and there are no files
  • The drive shows a message that it needs format
  • The disk can not start, it sounds like tic tac – Click of Death
  • The drive sounds like it spins but I have no access to data

These problems are often symptoms of a hard disk problem in Firmware. Of course for a valid diagnosis of the disc, this can be established only after verification of specialized diagnostic tools.

What is the firmware of the hard disk?

The hard disk firmware could be described as the “operating system” of the hard disk. It is the code that directs the operation of various electronic and mechanical parts of the disk. Without a properly operating firmware hard drives can not perform any read or write operation.

Why does the Firmware on the hard disk break down ?

The firmware is in most hard disk drive, written in both the platters (surface data) of hard disk and on the board of the disk in a particular chip. So either an electronic problem on the board, or some bad sectors on the disk surface can “break” the readability of the code and render useless a hard disk.

Restoring firmware

The firmware restoration of the disk is a specialized work done by the use of specialized tools available by data recovery companies. Using these machines, specialized operations and the use of suitable unique combination of firmware of other healthy disks one may gradually restore the function of a damaged disk problem in firmware. The rehabilitation of the problematic firmware can take from several minutes to several days, or because of the criticality of the parts of code that broke,may can not repair the disk. Usually the disks that have firmware problems are repaired and are not destroyed by the process of data recovery, which applies to problems of mechanical nature.

In which drives we have the most Firmware problems ?

Very often seems to have  Firmware problems disks like Seagate and Western Digital. The series of disks Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 presented many problems, especially the series of 500GB and 1TB.

Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 is not recognized or shows 0 GB capacity

The problem with hard disk drive Barracuda 7200.11  that is not recognized starts by an error that occurs in the firmware and can proceed in serious problems. For this reason we can not know from the begining the time needed and the cost of such an event.

In addition in Western Digital drives we can find many firmware corruptions, and some are non-repairable. In Tictac we treat all firmware problems and have the latest equipment from different companies to provide you with solutions.