• The CD cannot be read by computer
  • I have an old DVD of which I cannot get the files
  • The CD with my photos is damaged
  • the DVD with my my wedding video is damaged
  • I need a repair of my DVD
  • The CD is full of scratches and can not read files
  • The surface of the DVD is scratched and I need data recovery
  • Can we recover data from CD ?
  • Repair the surface of a CD / DVD / Blueray

Generally the CD / DVD is one of the best methods of storage because of high lifespan and the portability. Especially good brands of CD / DVD guarantee lifespan of 10 years for the files that store. Unfortunately however, there are problems which render any CD / DVD useless.

Scratched CD / DVD

A very common problem in optical storage media are the scratches. The CD / DVD consists of the internal surface where the data are stored but also have several protective surfaces which prevent external damage from reaching inside the DVD / CD. The daily use of an optical disc causes scratches in the external surfaces, which are more or less expected. Some brands of CD / DVD is more vulnerable than others to scratches. When you accumulate enough scratches then reading the disc becomes more and more difficult or stops slowly be read by any CD / DVD Reader.

In TicTac Laboratories after some research we have found ways to perform data recovery from CD with scratches or retrieving data from a DVD that is scratched.

With the assistance of several chemicals and special equipment, we can reconstruct the surface of the DVD / CD that can be read again and be able to get your files.

Data Recovery from webcam DVD which is not closed – Video Recovery from DVD that has not been finalized

Relatively common phenomenon is a digital camcorder to have not done right finalization on DVD that you wrote and lost precious moments. This happens quite often in our clients who are photographers, and their camera is unable to finalize the data. So the DVD is no longer readable by either the camcorder or the computer.

In Tic Tac laboratories we give the solution with a special machine that reads the RAW data DVD, thus creating a virtual signature of finalization and can read (very slowly but with good result) files from the open” DVD. So it is possible to recover data from DVD and our client can accept files in the form of MPG / AVI in a new DVD.