• USB memory stick is broken!
  • I can’t see my data on USB flash…
  • The data from the USB stick are lost…
  • USB shows zero capacity!
  • USB flash asks format every time it is connected!

In the category of recovering data from NAND chip, as technically called in our laboratory all the following media are classified:

  • Data Recovery from USB flash
  • Data Recovery from USB stick
  • Data Recovery from memory card

Logical data recovery problems on memory cards or USB flash stick

In this category are classified problems concerning memory cards or USB sticks to which there has been false deletion or format and the customer has not kept backup. If the customer has not, under his own initiative, made use of software, then we have more than 95% chance of recovery. But if there have been recovery programs used from the customer or other technician, actions may have been made that prevent us from recovering your data. Read more in section: Logical Data Recovery.

Problems on the electronic card of USB stick

Often caused by static electricity, moisture, high temperature or even exposure to magnetic fields, the electronic circuit of the flash usb or memory cards presents problems. Under these circumstances it is not possible to recover data unless the electronic card is repaired. If the damage is great, the NAND chip is extracted from the circuit and is decoded in our laboratories, a process that takes time and  raises the final cost for the customer.

Decoding NAND Chips

When there is no other way to extract data from a USB stick or a memory card, then the NAND chip is detached from the circuit with caution. This NAND chip has all the data that was in our storage medium and main condition for the recovery is that it is functional.

Data stored on the chip, is recorded in hexadecimal notation and coded. Its decoding is actully undertaken by the Controller chip, which is usually damaged. Our work therefore relies on the export of encoded data (Dump the NAND chip) and decoding them. The decoding algorithm of a NAND chip can be simple, ie the technician may need a few hours to find the encryption way, but can also be difficult and may take several weeks or months to decode the data.Of course the course of this investigation borne the value of recovery.

TicTac Laboratories daily receive large amounts of NAND chips from Greece and abroad and this is because we have both the tools and the expertise to decode the NAND chips. The research team has helped to decode hundreds of algorithms of NAND chips and continuously feedback the research of data recovery companies and foreign manufacturing companies. With collaborations with both Russia and China, and also with participation in international conferences, the research team of TicTac Labs can succeed in cases considered irrecoverable as long as the NAND chip is in good condition.

From what mediums can we recover data ?

The following media have all as a basis the NAND chips or similar chips for storing user data. So the difficulty depends on the type of chip. Greater difficulties exist in monolith chips (mini SD, XD, etc).

Our company can recover data from:

  • Data Cards of all types
  • SD
  • SmartMedia
  • xD Media
  • microSD
  • monolith chips

Data Recovery fromSSD Disk

Ανάκτηση Δεδομένων απο SSD δίσκοAn SSD hard disk has exactly the same structure as a USB Flash roughly. Many believe that the SSD drives are safer in terms of reliability because they have no moving parts. This is true because in  SSD drives one will not find any head set, or other moving mechanical parts as in a conventional hard drive. An SSD drive consists of a circuit board with various integrated circuits and the main part is the storage NAND Chips.

The SSD drives may not be at risk of falling or other mechanical problems, but they risk from:

  • High variations in their power supply
  • Unexpected shutdown
  • Overvoltages
  • Static electricity
  • Humidity
  • High magnetic fields

The most well known SSD  manufacturing companies at the moment is Sandisk,  Toshiba, Intel and OCZ. If one takes into account that even the price of an SSD hard drive is high, it is easy to understand that data recovery phenomena  from SSD drive is quite reduced.

Data recovery from SSD hard drive is similar to retrieving data from USB stick or memory card, but given the large number of NAND chips, the level of difficulty is very high and the time required is substantially longer. The cost of data recovery from SSD hard disk is over 1000 € and the delivery time normally exceeds the 2 weeks.