• Lost partition – Problem in Partitioning
  • Damaged partition – Partition which is not recognized or deleted
  • File deletion by mistake
  • Problem in files from virus attack / spyware
  • Deleted email 
  • Lost email (from Outlook, Outlook express, Thunderbird etc) – Problem with .pst file
  • Problem in database – can not open sql or mdb file
  • Files written over other
  • Deleted Files

Accidentally deleted files – I deleted files that I need

Many times we delete files by mistake, and then, we empty the recycle bin. As a result we lose valuable files. Othertimes, days after we have deleted files we remember that we don’t have a backup of the deleted files.

The more time that has passed since the deletion, the harder it is to recover your files. The more your operating system “writes new data to your disk or usb stick, the less likely it is to find what you want.

The reason is that when writing a file to your hard disk, apart from the real part of the disk that is occupied to write the file contents, an entry is made in the master file table of the disk (MFT). When deleting a file, it deletes the entry from the directory (MFT) and not the actual data from the disk. The  place where the data are located, is checked by  the operating system. But this is something random. The next file to be written to disk, can occupy those sectors of the disk which have just been released for future record.

So if you have erased your files and you cannot find them, TicTac Laboratories can help you. Do not use your disk any more and contact directly with our technicians.