The services of investigating electronic computers and mobile phones may be useful to anyone trying to obtain information and evidence from a computer or a mobile phone.

During this process, multiple parameters are analyzed and items found  can even be used in litigation.

Below are some common cases undertaken by the company:

for individuals

  • Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you?
  • Are you recently divorced and you receive threats and feel observed by your former husband / spouse?
  • Do you think we can help in identifying evidence through research on cell phone e-mails, photos, sms and calls that have ‘disappeared
  • Do you accept electronic attack and you feel that you are constantly under surveillance
  • Did you notice financial transactions for which you never gave your command
  • Your passwords have been violated and you found out that your money from your bank account have vanished
  • Concerned about your child and think that makes misuse of the Internet, browsing web pages prohibitive for the age of content
  • Do you suspect that pornographic sites are often visited by a member of your family and want to cancel this feature
  • You are coheir, but have doubts about the integrity of the will and wish to check the online records of the deceased

for lawyers

  1. Restore deleted documents carefully, photographs etc.
  2. Edit hidden files that can be hidden on the computer and not accessible by simple user (Bad sectors, ATA drives, Volume Slack).
  3. Isolation of important data from hard disk, CD – ROM, zip disk and other storage media.
  4. Final report which occurs after functional – kinship time analysis and stratigraphy
  5. Preparation of testimony through objective findings resulting from the collection of acceptable electronic data with respect to the laws of privacy.

for private detectives

  • Analysis of history
  • Finding specific evidence
  • Investigation of activity on the internet (msn, skype etc)
  • Restore erased files
  • Find deleted SMS
  • Call history analysis
  • Find contacts
  • Find deleted files
  • Find hidden pictures and video
  • Data Recovery from mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile etc)

for businesses…

  • Monitoring of corporate assets
  • Breaches of personal data of customers and corporate partnerships
  • Misuse of the Internet and installation of malicious software
  • Falsification of files
  • Workers sabotage and information leakage
  • Sexual harassment by any form of electronic communication
  • Monitoring employee activity
  • Software piracy etc.