• Do you feel that you don’t understand most of what is mentioned in our Site?
  • Do you think that the terms used in data recovery are difficult to understand?

There’s no reason to worry, this text is for you. Unfortunately our website is mainly addressed to people who have a basic knowledge of computer hardware and this is because our customers are mainly computer technicians or large companies that have at least one employee who has computer knowledge. We have made an effort to provide to people who specialize on information technology a detailed presentation of our work as well as the reasons why they should trust TicTac Labs (work quality & safety of their data). The text below however is for people who want to know some things about our company and can not understand specialized terms.

Is your disk broken and you have no access to your files? Are your data lost?

The fact that you are in this website, means that you have lost some data of importance to you and you’d like to retrieve them. Data may be lost by one’s own carelessness or by a problem of one’s device. For instance, you may have accidentally deleted an important file from the recycle bin, you may have formatted your hard disk or your hard disk or USB stick cannot be seen from your computer. In any of these cases we can help you and we are the most capable of such a task.

Data recovery

The process of data recovery from our storage medium (such as internal or external hard disk, USB stick, memory card etc) is a very delicate procedure that requires expensive equipment and expertise. Unfortunately for all of us, we do not put your damaged hard disk into a machine and copy the data. To rescue files from a storage medium, measurements, tests, spare parts and many working hours are required. The rescue of data in our language is called: Data Recovery or File Recovery.


What is the cost to save my files?

  1. The service of files recovery from a disk that doesn’t have a mechanical problem but are lost as a result of an accidental deletion by the use (eg. delete, format etc) usually costs 100€ – 300€.
  2. In the case where the disk has a problem and fails, then the data recovery service usually costs 200€ – 800€ approximately, while there are also cases where the cost exceeds 1500€. The price depends directly on the lesion that the disk has and the time required to repair the damage, while it is aggravated considerably if there are interventions in the medium by the user or another company.

Delivery time also depends on the nature and the kind of damage. It typically ranges from 3-15 days.

Unfortunately we cannot diagnose the problem over the phone or by email as storage media have complex electronics and mechanical components that have to be checked by specialized machines. So to know the cost you should bring your hard disk or usb flash disk to our laboratory for examination. Contact us to learn details.


Which is the shipment process of my disk?

  1. Contact our company to get a unique number and to find out the account number for the payment of the diagnosis
  2. Download, Print and Fill out the form for the shipment of the disk  (or if that isn’t possible you may ask for a fax from a representative of our company)
  3. Put in the shipping carton (see instructions within the form for the shipment of the disk page 3) the disk & the printed form
  4. Our company will send a courier to receive the parcel
  5. Choose whether you want a Normal diagnosis (2-3 days) or Express (24hrs) and deposit the amount into our bank account
  6. Within the time you have chosen a representative will contact you to give you a detailed diagnosis of your disk, you will find out whether it is recoverable or not, how long it will take to save your files and what is the exact cost of the data recovery.

Got more questions? Contact us…