TicTac Data recovery labs (some people refer it as TikTak), has been founded in 2001 and was the first company in Greece that was specialized in providing data recovery, file recovery, computer forensics and data sanitation services. 
TicTac was the first Greek Data Recovery Company, specialize only in this object ,starting its operation in February 2001.
With the creation of specially configured areas, the supply of specialized equipment as well as continuous training of personnel, TicTac managed for several years to be the only company in Greece, specialized in the subject of file recovery and repair of hard drives. Before the establishment of TicTac Laboratories, one should resort to foreign companies for data recovery.
The financial toll in such cases was particularly high as the foreign companies that specialize in data recovery charged excessive sums for their services, while the control capabilities of the recovered files with Greek names were extremely limited due to lack of Greek fonts.
The training of technicians of TicTac Laboratories was done by qualified personnel of TicTac parent company which operates more than 20 years based in Israel. So from the first steps the company has always had an experienced partner and consultant to tackle even the most difficult circumstances. It is no coincidence that many of the technicians and the commercial stores that specialize on information technology cite that Data Recovery in Greece means TicTac”, as the successful cases of data recovery, particularly in difficult cases, made the company ​​known among them.
TicTac is the first company that started autonomous data recovery.
When TicTac began that project, there was no technician in Greece who would be familiar to the subject of data recovery either by experience or by relevant training. From 2004 onwards in the Greek market appeared several companies that promise data recovery, most of the technicians of those data recovery companies, were employees of TicTac. Some of these companies copied even the clientele of TicTac, thinking that a small investment and little expertise on resolving the “easy cases could get them a share of the market, promising better prices and free diagnostic costs.
It is no coincidence that most companies who say that they perform data recovery without diagnosis costs in Greece are most of the times based in houses, while secretary and technician is the same person and in fact there is no specialized equipment or laboratory.
In data recovery when a tool is damaged, there is usually no room for experimentation and testing. Appropriate movements should be directly made and that requires expertise. Unfortunately, experiments by other companies in the industry that are not well equipped or the intervention of an inexperienced technician, makes drives that could be recovered, not recoverable.
TicTac Laboratories throughout its course has proven that it is not the cheapest company in the industry but has the largest and most modern facilities in Greece and 20% of its annual revenues is used for equipment upgrade  and expertise acquisition. Over the years of operation of TicTac Laboratories customers have understood that if they need data recovery of critical files should contact TicTac Laboratories, but if they need data recovery of files that are not so important, will contact a cheaper company that does not charge diagnostics cost. In TicTac the economic cost of a case comes last. Priority of the company during all its years of operation was to carry out its mission of recovering data no matter the cost and the time needed.
TicTac Laboratories today…
In 2011 after a decade of successful course in  Halandri, TicTac Laboratories moved to a new area 160 sq on Piraeus street  in Piraeus, our laboratories are now enriched with both specialized tools and personnel, and enlarge their activities with permanent partnerships with suppliers  in Greece and nearby countries abroad, such as Cyprus, Italy and Spain.
Having obtain a permanent collaboration with the companies manufacturing laboratorial equipment for data recovery in both Russia and China, the staff of TicTac Laboratories participates actively in international research forum on recovering data from damaged hard drives and recover data from USB, memory cards and SSD. Do you have any questions? Contact us … technical, medical, import and export firms, pharmaceutical companies, insurance agencies, investment companies, private institutions and many others ..