In TicTac Data Recovery we believe that partnering with the best software and hardware companies around the world is the key to having the best success rates in Data Recovery.

Through all the years we have worked with several Data Recovery Software vendors and we have selected to present you the best ones in their field:

Data Recovery Hardware Vendors:

  • Acelaboratory: We work with Acelabs equipment almost since the beginning and we always are up to date with multiple pieces of their equipment such as: Several units of PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 UDMA, PC-3000 SCSI/SAS, PC-3000 Flash, Data Extractor and our engineers have attended several of their trainings in Russia and Prague.
  • Deepspar: Deepspar Disk Imagers are one of the best tools for imaging problematic mediums and we always have several of their units in our lab.
  • Dolphin DataLabs: A very promissing Company that has assisted our team with knowledge and hardware tools.
  • SalvationData: In the old days we purchased several tools from Salvationdata and they helped our team in several cases.
  • Reclaime: A software company that is always on our side with their great software for logical recovery.
  • Cellebrite: The best team around the world for smartphone forensics and recovery.
  • One of the best software for recovering lost files from Mac systems