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Permanent Data Destruction Services

TicTac has offered Data Destruction, Data Deletion and Data Sanitation services since 2003 and can provide a certification of destruction based on the serial number of each device that passes the deletion procedure.

Katastrofi Dedomenon Monimi Diagrafi Dedomenon Degausser Apomagnitismos

Tic Tac Data Recovery offers the following choices for data destruction:

  • Data Destruction of data after degaussing
  • Data Destruction of hard drives by slicing
  • Data Destruction of backup Tapes
  • Tape Backup Secure Erasing
  • Data disposal from hard disks or tape backups
  • Destruction of CD / DVD
  • Hard disk Degaussing
  • Hard disk Shredding
  • Permanent deletion of data from hard drives
  • Recycling of drives

Having access to the latest technology equipment we  can guarantee and in writing that the storage media you deliver to us  will be deleted permanently and reach safely to the recycle bin, reconstructed or recycled.

  • 9 million people in America become victims of identity theft online every year.
  • know that a storage medium, even if deleted and thrown in the trash, it is possible for someone to recover some data ?

Why to choose TicTac for your data destruction needs;

TicTac offers Data Destruction, Data Deletion and Data Sanitation services since 2003 having important clientele in Greece.

Our Company’s main specialty is Data Recovery and we are working on this subject for more than a decade, so we are the ones who know better what needs to be done in order for the data to be gone forever.

We will go through these procedures in order to erase media:

  • Secure On-Site pickup service with a Security company.
  • Secure Erasure of data in software levels from hard disk or backup tapes using special equipment with 3 erasure passes
  • Destruction of the main data storage medium of the device either by degaussing or shredding (hard disk platters, Nand Chips)
  • Provide certification of destruction based on the serial number of each device
  • Dispose of hard drives in an environmentally responsible manner

TicTac clientelle consists (among others) Banks, Insurance companies, Medical Clinics and other companies that store clients’ sensitive data.

The risk of falling victim to “Electronic Identity Theft“

Several incidents are recorded abroad by people who were stolen their electronic identities. This means that a user found data from a discarded hard disk, and used the owner’s “electronic identity” (msn, yahoo mail, google mail, skype, credit cards etc) to cause him irreparable damage.

It is very important for any company to destroy the electronic records before discard them. The destruction of hard drives and tape drives or the permanent deletion are now essential in our time.

Nowadays more and more computer technicians and people of technology, make attempts to find data from computers that are no longer in use. In the current internet programs, some of which are free,we are allowed to look on the blurred files of a disk or storage media, even if it was formated one or more times.

There are also specialized technicians, Data Recovery Engineers, who can recover fully data which people consider that have been lost forever.

Erase Data Service & Destruction of storage media

Tik Tak Data Recovery can handle for you:

  • the data destruction of hard drives
  • the data destruction of memory card
  • the data destruction of USB Flash
  • secure file deletion
  • secure deletion of data from hard disk or memory card
  • Degauss of the disk
  • permanent deletion of files
  • permanent deletion of data
  • the complete destruction of data
  • disassembly of the hard disk
  • the recycling of drives
  • the recycling of USB Flash drives

… in order to have a peace of mind.

TicTac Data Recovery Labs perform deletion services  of data and information to government and government agencies, investment and finance companies, and organizations.

Why should my company use data destruction services before closing?

Almost all files and folders you delete usually remain on your disk and can easily be recovered resulting in leakage of confidential data and information of the company or organization to unwanted entities causing irreversible damage.

TicTac Data Recovery Lab Specialists perform skilled and professional deletion of data and information from hard drives, diskettes, CD-ROM or any other type of data carrier, according to strict international standards of remission and the remission of standards of the Ministry of Defense of the USA – (US Defense Department).

Apart from the data destruction on CD-ROM, the deletion process does not cause a defect in the data entities and their use remains possible after the deletion. Recovery of data after deletion is now impossible from any recovery company or specialized instruments.

TicTac Labs provide warranty certificate remitted for each medium of data that passes deletion procedure.

As if they were never there!