• There is a clearly burnt chip ?
  • The board of the disk smells burnt ?
  • There is overheating of  the electronic circuit board of the hard disk ?
  • The drive does not spin to start ?
  • The drive does not get power ?
  • The drive connectors have broken ?

Problem on the board of the hard drive (a problem in PCB)

Particularly frequent in disks received by the laboratory are electronic failures at some point in the circuit board of the disk (the PCB). Burnt resistors, diodes, chapped integrated chip, spoiled “roads” are the problems faced daily by our specialized personnel.

Against Overvoltages from the power network may pass through the system of the computer and cause damage to sensitive electronic circuits such as of the hard disk. To avoid such situations it is best to use a UPS with voltage stabilizer. Several times the hypertension may be caused by the power supply of the computer itself , event from which we can not protect ourselves. A hypertension when reaches the electronic board of the disc can simply destroy a channel or go into integrated circuits where  the damage is greater. Very common problem especially in  Western Digital Disks is the destruction of SMOOTH chip on the board, which is the driving mechanism of the head. When such damage occurs usually the current passes through the disk and burn the Pre Amplifier circuit located above the head of the disk.

The cases where we have a problem on the board on modern disks, is not something simple.They all have a ROM chip which must be replaced or re-programmed, using special tools such as PC-3000. Such tools are not widely available in the market because of their high costs. In TicTac we have PC-3000 units and other specialized tools that allow the repair or reprogramming of the board of the disk.

Technical issues

It is not wise to try to replace the board of your disk!

  1. A problematic board may be only an apparent problem. When hypertension passes from the electronic circuit of the disk can also pass through the disk and burn the preamplifier circuit .
  2. If you attemp to change the board of your drive even with a compatible one,  and the problem is not the board but the preamplifier of the disk or the heads, then your disk may become irrecoverable due to internal malfunction. In our laboratory your disk is checked extensively with diagnostic tools before deciding if  the problem is the board or other.
  3. The PCB of the disk in the new models must be reprogrammed to operate before being placed in a disk.
  4. You should not tamper with the original PCB of the disk and you should always have the original board to recover data. Many of the information for the startup of the disk is stored only on the original PCB of the disk.
  5. On the internet you will find enough selling PCBs. For the above reasons it is unwise to put your data at risk by experimenting. If your data is not so important and you can not bear the cost of data recovery, then you can experiment. But if these are important files that you have no backup, it is not wise to put at risk. Sometimes the experiments of our customers have made their disks irrecoverable for everyone.
  6. The most proper approach is to contact our company before you do anything, get a financial offer and if you can not afford the cost, then you can experiment.

So if your data is important contact us directly ti diagnose your disk.