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Ransomware Experts – Negotiation with hackers who ask for ransom payment in bitcoin

At TicTac we have successfully faced hundreds of Ransomware cases and now take on the entire negotiation process and payment of ransom for those who don’t have any other choice.

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Ransomware Insident Response

We deal with Ransomware Incident Response customer requests, Ransomware Payment, Ransomware Services for decryption and we are your primary contact for Ransomware Services or if you need advice for Ransomware Recovery.

Our main goal is to present you with all existing solutions regarding any Ransomware Attack and advise you how to deal with your specific Ransomware Incident.

Authorities always advise that Paying the Ransom after a Ransomware Attack is not recommended or advised, but some times paying the ransom is the only way our clients can get their data back within a few hours or days.

Our Ransomware Incident Response also advises that you should not pay the ransom if you can live without the encrypted files, that’s why our team considers every alternative but our main goal is to help our clients recover their files after a ransomware attack. This means that we also consider the negotiation with the Hacker to pay the ransom in bitcoin.

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Ransomware Experts – Negotiation with hacker who asks ransom payment in bitcoin

Ransomware Incident Response Services

There are some specific steps that we can provide when you cooperate with our team for Ransomware Services, that need to be taken prior to deciding if the client that we handle should pay the ransom that the hacker team demands:

  1. Identifying the Ransomware Variant and Searching for Free Remediation Alternatives
    • First of all we should Identify the type of the Ransomware Variant so we can see what research has been done on the specific strain
    • We explore if there is a free decryption tool for decrypting Ransomware Variant for Free, that is released to the public
    • Explore if there is a possibility for reverse engineering the Ransomware Virus and getting the key from a remote connection
    • Explore the option for logical Data Recovery from Shadow Copies or with specialized software from clients hard disk
  2. Communication with your Hackers that ask for Ransom Payment in bitcoin (usually)
    • Secure & Safe negotiations: Our team has very good success rate to achieve a slightly lower price and have a good understanding of hacker limitations
    • Determine ransom Payment
    • Research our database of ransomware incident response database to find the probability of recovery & good cooperation with the specific Hacker Team or the specific Ransomware Variant (we build an extensive database of ransomware incidents)
  3. Consultation on what you have to do now!
    • We consult you what you have to do in order to maintain the current state of your systems
    • We advise on how ransomware decryption works and what you have to do prior to starting the commutation with the hacker
  4. Easy Ransomware Payment Instructions, if you decide to pay (we don’t suggest paying the ransom if you can live without those files that are encrypted)
    • 100% payment success rate. If you decide to pay we will take care of the transaction
    • We introduce you to a reliable seller that can accept bank transfer for full transparency of the transaction
    • We take care of the technicalities regarding the creation of wallet and transfer the funds to the hacker
    • Proof of payment. You and the hacker will receive a proof on the blockchain that will verify that the relevant amount has been received by the hacker
  5. Restore your data from ransomware attack and end the downtime!
    • A professional IT expert will consult your IT Administrator for the relevant steps he needs to take before and after the decryption process
    • We provide documentation on all our actions for the Insurance company
    • Post Incident assistance and follow up
    • Security Recommendations for future events

If the client decides that we should handle the negotiation with the Hacker, for paying the Ransom request, then we can handle all the appropriate steps so we can have transparency throughout the process of negotiation and the client gets a quote for our service fees. Just call us.

Ransomware Negotiation with Hacker

Our Ransomware Incident Response Team has handled many Ransomware Recovery or Negotiation cases and thus we know that getting your files back is crucial and our number one priority.

For every case we get involved for helping our clients negotiate with ransomware hacker teams we keep statistics and we know what to ask, when to ask and how far we can go.

We also can tell you judging from our experience if the ransomware Payment has good chances of having your files recovered.

We have tried different scripts and approaches when we communicate with hackers so that we can find the optimal way to get the maximum out of the negotiation without risking our clients ability to recover his files.

It’s very important to know that if you plan to hire a professional for helping you perform the ransomware recovery, you should never initiate the communication with hackers.

Even a small mistake in the negotiation or the communication might turn the table of the outcome and can make you lose communication with hacker even after the ransomware payment.

You might ask what can go bad in the negotiation with hacker?

Here are some incidents that we have seen in the past:

  • You might start the discussion with the ransomware hacker and you might think that you have established a good discount from negotiating with hacker but once you pay the ransom in bitcoin, the hacker asks for more. He might give you something but not all your keys and thus not all your files will be recovered and you will have to pay again and again until you get them all or you abandon the blackmail from the hacker team.
  • The hacker team might think that you are not a “good customer” and that you waste their time, so they might abandon the case and never reach back to you without prior notice.
  • The hacker team may not have the decryption keys for your case and might provide you with a tool that they do not know how to use.
  • The hacker team that you communicated might not be the correct team that has the decryption keys, thus you might be sending money to the wrong person.
  • Small Businesses and corporations do not know how to handle cryptocurrency and they might find a scammer that will receive their cash or money and never send them bitcoin.
  • The technology behind cryptocurrency is too much complicated for the CEOs of companies to handle and they might have serious delays in paying the ransom

Our Ransomware Incident response team knows how to avoid all these issues and bring you faster and closer to the solution of getting your files back or at least take all appropriate steps to guarantee maximum success rates.

Ransomware payment in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies

TicTac Ransomware Incident response team is also helping you find the appropriate bitcoin amount you need for the transaction.

We accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments for many years, so we know how to handle any bitcoin or cryptocurrency transaction.

  • We will help you setup a bitcoin wallet remotely on your computer
  • We will help you purchase bitcoins from one of our recommended sellers or on an exchange (depending how much time we have)
  • We will show you how to transfer the funds from your wallet to the hackers wallet so you can pay the ransom
  • We then send the transaction id to the hackers email

Of course if you have the knowledge on how to perform the above, we will not interfere with the process.

We will support you throughout the recovery from ransomware

The recovery from ransomware can be a bit tricky sometimes, especially when hackers do not speak English very well or they do not know how their own decryption tool works.

We have dealt with many cases of recovery from ransomware and we know most decryptors and what we need to take care before, during and after the recovery from ransomware.

If the hacker honors the deal, and sends instructions on how to decrypt your files, this means that you are now in the final process, but you should be very cautious since many mistakes happen there.

We have seen clients lose their data because the decryptor they used had a bug and double encrypted the files instead of decrypting them.

The Decryptors the Hackers create to make such attacks sometimes are programs that have very bad interface and sometimes they have bugs.

You definitely do not want to lose the chance of decrypting your data, especially after ransomware payment.

You can talk on Skype with one of our Ransomware Recovery Experts and he can connect to one of your infected devices remotely and we will guide you through the process, but most importantly we will give you instructions how to ensure that you take all the appropriate precautions.

Solution for Ransomware protection

Once the Ransom Recovery process finishes, we will not stop there.

This is where it all begins because since ransomware hackers managed to get into your systems, this is only the beginning.

If you do not do anything about it, then its a matter of time that another ransomware variant will infect your systems again.

One of our Ransomware Recovery Experts will consult you regarding the following:

  1. Hybrid Cloud Backup solutions that will ensure you have the most recent advancements in backup and disaster recovery
  2. Penetration Test: Lets try to reveal the gaps in your security. Our Penetration testing experts will conduct a report that will reveal all your security holes and present it with an Executive Summary so your CEO will have a picture of what is happening inside his business
  3. Cyber Security Insurance: Did you know that Insurance can cover all costs involved after a Ransomware Attack ? The costs of the Ransom Payment, our services, your local IT department services and even the downtime loses will be all paid by the insurance if you have a contract in place. Let’s discuss your options after the incident, or if you are reading this article now and you haven’t been hit by ransomware, its even better!

The cost of ransomware negotiation services and Ransomware Incident Response

The Ransomware recovery process depends on the ransomware variant and usually can take from some hours to up to 10 days to get our files back.

Prior to deciding if you need our help and if you will proceed in Ransomware Payment, you probably need to check the available decryptors from Kaspersky

We will offer you the following services after we receive your payment:

  • Technical Advice and Ransomware Consultation
  • Negotiation Services with Hacker Team
  • Coordination of your Local IT support team through Skype/Teamviewer/Phone
  • Helping your company deal with Ransomware Payment
  • Reporting for the Ransomware Incident
  • Consultation for future incidents

Our price for handling your case will be 1500euro – 5000euro depending on the incident and the prediction of days that our ransomware experts will be allocated to your case.

Based on our statistics after resolving so many ransomware cases, we know a rough estimate of how many days it will take to recover your files after a ransomware attack.

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Conclusions regarding the Ransomware Incident Response Services

Ransomware payment in ransomware incidents is not considered to be the optimal solution for anybody.

It is the last resort but probably the only solutions for clients to recovery their files from some ransomware infections.

If you have been hit by ransomware, then we will be more than happy to check your case and discuss it online so that we can see if we can help you or not.

Ransomware services do not guarantee the recovery of your files!

Attention: Even though we have a very good track record negotiating successfully with hackers, we cannot guarantee the result of any negotiation. Our success rates are very good if we handle the negotiation from the beginning and the client has not been involved at all, but in no means this can be considered a guaranteed ransomware recovery service.

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