How to find evidence of information hidden in computer files or mobile phones?

In the 21st century, e-crime and unfair acts is a fact and common (fraud, concealment of assets, distribution of illegal materials through electronic devices, etc.).

Computer Forensic Science is science, which through thorough investigation of electronic data, manages to present evidence in connection with an offense as a large proportion of civil, criminal and corporate crimes are linked either directly or indirectly through a computer.

These data can be collected from, for example, prints a specific computer, by e-mail, from the Internet as well as from a variety of electronic storage media.

The investigation of a computer crime is a difficult process because the evidence must be preserved intact, analyzed and presented in a legally acceptable way.

Where can Computer Forensics be useful ?

  1. Tracking suspicion of corporate assets
  2. Breaches of personal data of customers and corporate partnerships.
  3. Misuse of the Internet and installing malicious software
  4. Falsification of records
  5. Workers sabotage and information leakage
  6. Sexual harassment by any form of electronic communication
  7. Monitoring employee activity
  8. Software piracy etc.

Evidence of illegal activities using digital media?

H Tictac Laboratories undertakes:

  1. To satisfy your urgent need for detailed electronic research for punishable acts like: child pornography, sexual harassment, financial crimes, wiretapping issues, falsification of data, rights violations, falsification of contents, privacy violation etc.
  2. To protect you by providing advice: for safe web browsing, for protection from malicious software and harassment, but also to make sure that your financial transactions over the internet or ATM is safe.